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Rebecca Scheinberg

Rebecca Scheinberg is a London-based multi-disciplinary photographic artist known for her strikingly graphic, meticulously composed photographs of still-lives and female semi-nudes. Adopting the tropes of the commercial aesthetic to explore the values of contemporary consumer society, her image capture the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Scheinberg is interested in how basic tendencies such as desire, violence, vulnerability or emptiness manifest themselves when commodification and mass communication envelop so many aspects of daily life. Her practice is a search for the human within the synthetic – beneath the glistening plastic and liquid surface of the digital and product placement, a visceral humanity simmers.

Yoke, Honey, Rump
The series was influenced by Story of the Eye by George Bataille.
Story of the Eye is an erotic novel that uses repetitive themes of various types of liquid and circular objects, to string together an absurd and strange story of sexual exploits.
It is this associative and suggestive element that Yoke, Honey, Hump. references.
Red feathers ooze and tangle, while a porcelain conch stands round and open. Eggs crack, their innards exposed, and the membranes of a single clementine seep onto a hard wood surface.
The series explores a deeply feminine sensuality, through suggestion and understatement.