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Emma Corrall

Emma Corrall is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on sculpture in relation to choreography in the everyday. Implementing cultural techniques that operate between art and anthropology, retail and the fitness and health industry, Corrall’s practice poses questions around consumer culture, object ontologies and biopolitics.

Her work, which encompasses video, sculpture, ceramics, painting and prints, is presented in relation to a physical individual presence: the performer in the image, or the visitor to the installation. The use of everyday and crafted objects in her installation, combined with myriad cultural references – from Welsh funerary tradition to the latest superfood craze – in her installations seek to draw the spectator away from their ‘knowledge’ and predetermined sense of self. In Corrall’s work, the materiality of each medium employed is presented in a direct relationship with physicality to construct a non-hierarchical environment, whereby both tangible objects and human perception are destabilised.

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They Said It Would Be Finished By The Summer, 2017
Cast porcelain gingers, resin, ice cream cones, plasticine, sand and bucket

They Said It Would Be Finished By The Summer, 2017 (detail)

Treasure Me And Add It Up, 2016
Cast porcelain mannequin leg, wood, rope, digital print. resin, tape, tights, slipper

Wipe Down
Digital drawing
C Type Metallic Paper, ed. 20
42 x 59 cm